• Getting Started

  • What is OneUp ?

    If you’re looking to connect, engage and grow on social media, OneUp is the app for you. OneUp helps you to rapidly build an online following by connecting you to the most active and engaged users who could potentially be interested in following you.
    It also helps you keep track of your unfollowers, non-followers and followers, with regularly updated lists so that you can keep tabs on and build your own community online.

  • Why should I use OneUp ?

    If you want to reach out to a bigger and more relevant audience in as short a span as possible, then you absolutely should be using OneUp across your Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram profiles. Using OneUp for an hour a day for more than a month has been known to increase your follower count by over 150% on average!

  • Is OneUp some sort of automation tool ?

    No, OneUp is not a bot which will blindly follow users on your behlaf because it leads to fake followers. We will present you people who are interested in your bussiness and can be potential lead, following them or not is all in your hands.

  • I’ve heard I can get up to 10000 followers using OneUp? Really ?!

    Yeah, you can! People have been known to get as many as 10K followers in under 2 weeks just by using OneUp religiously.

  • Scheduling

  • Which social networks are supported by OneUp for scheduling my posts ?

    Currently, we support scheduling to Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ & Facebook. However, we are also adding support for Tumblr, stay tuned.

  • How i can schedule my post ?

    Now that you’ve connected your accounts, you’re ready to schedule a post. There are several ways you can use OneUp to schedule posts to your connected accounts. Click on "Create" button and you can upload images straight from your computer and schedule post. You can also use our browser extension that lets you easily create multiple posts from any site with a single click.

  • How i can view my scheduled posts ?

    After you have scheduled your posts, you can view in the Scheduled Posts section.

  • Grow

  • How does "Grow" actually works ?

    OneUp "Grow" features are based on a foolproof growth strategy, intended to keep your social media account trim, engaging and constantly growing.

    The ideal OneUp user flow is:

    1.   Use our "Clean" features to remove unwanted, spam, irrelevant accounts that do not add value to your feed or end goal.

    2.   Optimize on the "Engage" features to get your target audience talking about and to you on social media.

    3.   Smartly wield the "Growth" features to reach the right people and grow your follower count astronomically.

  • What is Non Followers ?

    Non-followers are people you follow and they don't follow you back. They were either not interested in your account or aren't any longer. They are skewing your Followers: Following ratio. If you wish to continue following them do nothing else just unfollow.

  • What is Copy Followers ?

    This super-cool feature lets you follow the same accounts as any other Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram user. All you have to do is enter the username of the account, and we’ll fetch the most interactive followers of that user.

    For e.g: If you submit "hello" as account, we will find the most active, smartly filtered followers of @hello. Since you've submitted that as an account that is similar to yours, it is safe to assume that they would be interested in following you too. This is one of the best ways to gain a genuinely interested audience.

  • What is Keyword Follow ?

    If you specify keyword "hello", we will find users tweeting about 'hello', which you said was relevant to your account. Following them will bring your account to their attention. This is a fantastic way to gain a very targeted batch of followers.

  • Why can’t I see my Non Followers ? The page gets stuck with the message “No Results”.

    If your account is quite big, then syncing might take a while. Don’t panic, just give it a little time, and it should be totally okay.

  • What if my crush doesn’t like me back ?

    Don’t be silly, you’re awesome!