The easiest way to schedule posts


OneUp supports scheduling posts with video as well.

Post Recycle - Social Media Queue that fills itself.

  • Add updates to your library

    When you save an update on OneUp, you tell what social networks you want to post it on. You'll also save each one in a certain category , like "Daily Quotes". Every time you save an update, OneUp adds it to your online library.

  • Create a posting schedule

    Tell OneUp what type of updates to share at which times. Want to tweet some thing from "Morning Posts" category every Tuesday at 10 am? Done. Want it to post a Facebook update from your "Inspirational Quotes" every Friday night at 6? Challenge accepted! Fill out your schedule and OneUp will take it from there.

  • OneUp goes to work! Isn't it great?

    OneUp uses the updates saved in your library to create a Queue. After it posts an update, it'll put it back in library at the bottom of pile, so it can post it again later when it runs out of new ones. The result? A never-ending update queue that fills and refills itself automatically - and you never have to worry about an update going to waste.

If you are looking to schedule posts at specific Time and Date, just look down :)

Visualize Your Social Media Strategy

OneUp’s social media calendar helps you to visualize your entire social media strategy at a quick glance.
Instead of going into details and editing, you can simply drag the posts that you want to reschedule,
and drop them on the days you want to post to go out.

Schedule your posts for later

Multi-board pinning, bulk upload, drag-and-drop calendar and many more shortcuts built
with your busy schedule in mind. Our crafty Browser Extension lets you easily create
multiple posts from any site with a single click.

Bulk Upload: Post up to 1000 posts, pins or tweet at once from an Excel or Google Docs file.

Measure Social Media Engagement with Analytics

It’s always nice to see your hard work pay off, isn’t it? That’s why OneUp is equipped with in-app analytics – so you can see exactly how your updates are performing, along with the categories to which they belong, the networks on which they posted, and the engagement they received.

Search #content across multiple social networks

OneUp allows real time search of hashtags/keywords across multiple social network sites
like Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Reddit and many more.
It is the easiest way to find content to share automatically on your Social Networks.

Search any #hashtag now

Integration with

OneUp is directly integrated with
After you will enable bitly, any link you will provide while scheduling content on OneUp will automatically be converted to link.
Track clicks on your links, number of clicks and much more, all in one dashboard.

How does OneUp compare?

OneUp is the newest social media automation app, so naturally
you may be curious - what makes us different.

Bulk & Unlimited uploads

Create multiple posts and publish them to different social-networks and accounts in single click.

No push notifications

We post for you, not just send you a reminder to your phone when it's time to post. (More information)

Rectangular uploads

Instagram isn't just square anymore. We let you make the most of their new rectangular posts.

Post Recycle

Organize your posts into category and let OneUp publish your posts automatically from each category.

Post now or schedule for later

Once you have created your posts, you can choose to post them immediately or schedule them for any time in the future using our simple interface.

Add RSS feed

Using the RSS Feed Manager, OneUp can continuously import from your RSS feed which will be ready to share to your multiple networks in just one click.

..and many more exciting features which help us stand out in crowd.

OneUp supports all of your favorite social networks





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